When questioned about some of the details of the (2500 page) Healthcare Bill, (then) Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi replied, “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.” Brilliant. Not impressed, Republicans were quick with their negative response." How can you pass such a far-reaching bill like this without even knowing what's in it?" asked Congressman Paul Ryan

      How indeed ?

      So, not one year later, we have the Paul Ryan solution to fund the shortfall for Medicare. Coming on the heels of the Republican plan to have seniors work another 4 - 5 years before collecting Social Security or dying, whichever comes first, in a desperate attempt at saving a "bankrupt system," Paul Ryan came up with a way to totally revamp Medicare. This new system would provide a voucher for. let's see. . . . um . . . you would pay . . . um . . . . well, it would cost each senior about $6,500 . . . . . oh never mind. Republicans instantly endorsed the plan; with most not bothering to read the bill. Sound familiar? 

       So, if Republicans can't be bothered, why should I ? Take it on faith. Every Republican Congressman (except 4) voted lock-step for the bill. Then the watermelon hit the fan. Angry Seniors showed up at townhall meetings, and screamed their objections to the Ryan Plan. Just "organized Democrat and labor union groups," responded Republicans. "Socialist right-wing program" countered presidential candidate, Newt Gingrich. "Out of touch bomb thrower" railed Conservative commentators about Newt's remarks - and so it went.

      The same day that the Ryan Bill was passed in the House, I sent a letter off to the RNC telling them that they just lost the 2012 Presidential Election - they just didn't know it yet. The RNC replied . . . oh. aha hahahah  ahahahhhhhh  .  .  .  sure they did. Who am I to tell Republicans that they made (yet another) mistake? 

      SO, any day now cock-sure Republicans will be sending their new Ryan Plan to the Senate for their approval. Not so fast know-it-all breath; Republicans have decided NOT TO send the bill to the Senate - won't pass that Democrat-controlled body, they say. So what changed? Was Senate approval more likely two weeks ago? If not, why the charade? What happened?

      Seniors happened - you know, those people who (hitherto) vote overwhelmingly for Republicans. SENIORS LIKE MEDICARE AND SOCIAL SECURITY. Guess you didn't know that huh Republicans, Huh, Paul Ryan? Why is that, by the way? Oh yeah; you never bothered to ask. 

      Like Obamacare, RP makes assumptions about the viability of a radical new program. It assumes that the numbers will work; Lyndon Johnson's numbers would work - "Eventually, the cost of Medicare will be about $9 Billion per year by the year 1990." said he. The cost in 1990 actually was 10 times that amount. Whether or not Lyndon Johnson was aware of the discrepancies (and there is ample evidence he WAS aware), is irrelevant. The fact is that we all are now suffering the consequences.

      Like Obamacare, passed even though even Nancy Pelosi admitted she didn't know what was in the bill, the Ryan Plan makes economic assumptions based no doubt upon Mr. Ryans vast life experiences and his unique ability to ferret out a radical change to a 50-year-old program, and to replace it with an entirely new program (or as Newt Gingrich correctly, if not awkwardly, contends a "Socialist program on the right.").

      The problem is that like the Medicare cost underestimates of Lyndon Johnson, whether intentional or not, if the Ryan Plan to essentially scrap government-run Medicare as it now exists and to replace it with a privatized voucher system, fails down the road, Senior Citizens (who were coerced into contributing premiums to the existing system) will, once again, get screwed.

      The final problem is that, like too many of our legislators, Paul Ryan has no work experience to speak of (he once drove an Oscar Meyer Weiner Truck in College) He has an undergraduate degree from a small Midwestern college of little import, whereupon he went to work for other politicians and eventually got elected himself. Nor did he bother even to consult with any one else who might have expertise, or at least personal experience in such matters - most especially senior citizens. Seniors LIKE Medicare and Social Security; something Paul Ryan really should have known.

      If you don't know what you are doing, ask someone.

​      MAY 24, 2011: What's that? Republicans are putting the Ryan plan on hold; couldn't expect it to pass the Senate, you say? Or maybe those angry seniors at those inconvenient Town-Hall meetings gave them an earfull. Oh, but, those rabble-rousers were organized democrat and labor groups sent to Town Hall meetings to disrupt and embarass Republicans supporting the Ryan Plan - right?

      Maybe they were labor folks, concerned that they may have to work on those roofs or on that auto assembly line into their Seventies (or until they drop dead - whichever comes first). So? Once again, out-of-touch Republicans misread the situation: Seniors LIKE the Medicare and Social Security programs. I like them. Seniors DO NOT want drastic change. Why didn't Paul Ryan ask a few OF US what we thought before coming out with this scheme? Don't make changes just for the sake of trying to look like the smartest man in the room. Look what that thinking has done for Obama and Gingrich. 

      Fund the existing programs. 1. Severely prosecute the $50 Billion in Medicare fraud that takes place in plain sight annually (hint: I didn't have to pay a penny out of pocket). 2. Get those freeloaders who subsist off SSI payments (as did some of their parents and grandparents), including a lot of illegal aliens, off the public dole - if they are too good to work, let them starve. 3Cut Medicaid. The money is gone - stolen by Congressmen and Senators past and present, and those who paid into the system all their working lives should not have to share the shortfall equally with the freeloaders4. The rest of my solutions are on these pages - look for them if you give a damn.

      The only surprise here is that Republicans (yet again) got caught off guard. Brit Hume snarls (Hume-Fume) that only 4 Republicans voted against the Ryan Plan, and therefore Newt Gingrich is "a bomb thrower" for opposing it. I say use some common sense. 

Or get ready for another 4 years of Obamination.

      MAY 25, 2011, UPDATE: On Fox news, during an interview with Bret Baier, Congressmen Ryan explained that private insurance companies pay for Medicare part "A" and "B." As any Senior on Medicare (about 30 million of us) could tell you, Medicare pays part "A." What else don't you know Congressman.

​      MAY 26, 2011 UPDATE: Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, called Republicans' bluff and put the Ryan Plan up for a Senate Vote. It failed - with 5 Republicans voting "NO." I guess Reid agrees with me. This is an issue upon which Ole Harry is banking to defeat Republicans in 2012. But you all stick to your guns (while seniors make nooses from rope). I might suggest that if you won't listen to me, your friend, listen to Harry - not your friend. 

​      MAY 29, 2011, UPDATE: FoxNews Sunday. Bill Kristol, Byron York, yet again defending the Ryan Plan. "The Medicare System is broke (will be in 10 years - York). Something has to be done."

      AUGUST 11, UPDATE: Thank you for all that advice Mr. Sawyer. I'm sure it was helpful to anyone here who may have read it. Sorry we were too busy respond, but please keep your RNC donations coming in. Oh by the way - Mitt selected Paul Ryan as his running mate.Nothing personal.
April 20, 2011

Republican National Committee
310 First Street, SE
Washington, DC 20003

Re: Polls.

To Whom It May Concern:

The Democrats and the President are there for the plucking in 2012. Polls today show that 45% of voters would not vote for President Obama (vs. 28%). When that number hits 51%, there is no way you can win (ask Hillary). Nonetheless, in the same polls Obama beats all Republican candidates. 

Rationalize the statistics all you want - but there is no interest in the same tired candidates with their dearth of solutions to America’s problems. 

Finally, the Paul Ryan plan, behind which too many Republicans are aligning, if adopted as an official plank of our party in 2012, will absolutely lead to victory for Obama and the Democrats - I guarantee it.

A registered (Conservative)  Candidate for President in 2008, I’m running again in 2012. As a long-time Republican I feel that the party at least owes me the time to look at my candidacy, and allow me some audience to present my case. My website is: 

Thank you.


John W. Sawyer III

April 17, 2011

Republican National Committee


Via e-mail

To Whom It May Concern:

If you think you know everything, don’t read further - just discard this letter, know-it-all. 


Did you ever notice that our (potential) candidates have one annoying habit common to all of their campaigns? They tell us how Democrats have screwed everything up (which is accurate) and they tell us what we “needta” do - as in “We “needta’ secure our borders;” we “needta” create jobs;” we “needta” cut spending.

But aren’t they telling us what we already know? Why aren’t they  illuminating us with their solutions to our problems? Is it because they have spent their entire careers getting elected, and little of their time governing? Or is it because when they actually come up with a solution, like the Ryan Reform Plan or increasing retirement age to 70 to “save” Social Security, their solutions are just too damn stupid? 

Never underestimate the National Republican Party’s ability to turn a certain victory into a resounding defeat. Our National “leaders” just handed the Democrats the 2012 election. Not only is the Paul Ryan proposal to privatize Medicare and Social Security a disaster, it is, whether the rest of us like it or not, setting the Republican agenda for the next election cycle - and that agenda will be a resounding failure.

If Paul Ryan or anyone else wants us to believe they are the smartest person in the room - they damn well better BE the smartest person in the room. 

I’m the smartest person in the room, and I would be only too glad to address Republican groups to explain where we just went wrong. 

Before it is too late.

Thanks for listening.


John W. Sawyer III

May 25, 2011

Reince Priebus
Republican National Committee
310 First St.
Washington, D.C. 

To Whom it May Concern:

Congratulations !! The Corwin defeat in the New York special election reinforced what I warned you would happen in my letter to the RNC on May 20th (see enclosed) - that the Paul Ryan Plan would cost you the 2012 Election. 

But you just keep sending Karl Rove and Charles Krauthammer over to Fox to tell everyone that the Republicans just need to explain it all to the American People and everything will be all right.

Well, it is not all right. The Ryan Plan is wrong and Senior Citizens (our staunchest supporters) DO NOT LIKE IT. There is a much better way to fix Medicare and Social Security - the Sawyer Plan, and it now has become the cornerstone of my Presidential Campaign. Every Republican Presidential Candidate has endorsed the Ryan Plan, but me. I opposed it with specificity from DAY ONE on my website: SAWYER2012.COM.

I can bail you out of this stupidity, as a candidate or a consultant. Ignore me (again) at your peril.


John W. Sawyer III
Ft. Myers, Fl.

March 5, 2011

You have no trouble asking me for donations; or sending me unsolicited updates. When I log onto, what do I get? A video of some guy with the elitist name of Reince telling me that we (Republicans I presume) must rid this country of Democrats and Barack Obama.

While Reince tells me about his wife and kids and how "this isn't the country he wants to pass onto (Sally, Jack, and Grace)," he says nothing about how Republicans plan to change the country to something better. He sounds like that gaggle of 'needta' Republicans against whom I'm competing for the Republican nomination in 2012; all slogans, platitudes, and cliches, and no details.

Of course with the Ryan Medicare plan and the work 'til you drop Social Security plans, maybe it's better to run on generalities - at least their thoughts can be condensed onto a bumper sticker. But, I digress.

Back to the Website. The whole (one page) is a form to send money, and Reince's video bolsters that message. No where on the site is there a place for comments; a 'contact us' to send a message to Reince; nor (as I found out the hard way) any information on such upcoming events - as how one throws his name into the ring to become the new Republican Party Chairman. Apparently that's information for 'insiders' to know; all the better for Reince. (In fairness, when I finally researched the skinny, they even called me with details).

Note: You fill out a lot of paperwork. Then you get several state Republican delegates (2 each state) to endorse your candidacy. Then you raise a lot of money to "campaign' for the office (I kid you not). Apparently, Reince won - with the help of Sally, Jack, and Grace, I'm sure. In fact, as I recall, Reince "campaigned" on the basis that HE would spend at least 30 hours a week on the phone soliciting campaign contributions. Now
THAT'S Management

Please disregard my puny thoughts about a regular guy with the longest work, government, job-creation, entrepreneurial, problem-solving resume on the planet, who can identify with real Americans, becoming Republican Party Chair. Based on my simple belief that if Republicans would govern in the best interests of the American People, rather in the interests of electing Republicans, Reince might not have to spend 30 hours a week begging for contributions.

Now we have the Ryan Plan. Great. Good luck with that phone call, Reince, Mitt, Biff, Gatsby . . . whomever.

UPDATE:  November 2014: Another election lost that Republicans should have won. Mitt Romney ran a poor campaign. Apparently the deer-in-the-headlights appeal didn't work with the common folks. By putting Paul Ryan on the ticket, thus by implication endorsing Ryan's plan to save Social Security by having workers retire at age 70, Republicans lost the senior vote, handing Obama Florida.

It's time for Reince Priebus and his mentor, Karl Rove to step down before we lose any more presidential elections.

    LET THEM EAT CAKE ?!!   

April 17, 2011: Congressman Mick Mulvaney, (R) SC, just said on Fox (of course) that the Paul Ryan plan to cut spending by RAISING THE SOCIAL SECURITY RETIREMENT AGE TO 70, "will be remembered as one of the greatest achievements of the Republican Party." Abraham Lincoln is rolling over in his grave.

Maybe it will be an "achievement" but infamous would better describe it. Maybe you can lawyer, legislate, host a talk-show, or run daddy's business at 70,  but get ready you construction workers, plumbers, roofers, assembly line workers, salesmen.

What? You say, you worked and paid into the system all these years? Yup. And Paul Ryan, Nancy Pelosi, George Bush, and Al Gore spent it - THE SYSTEM IS BROKE. Now quit whining and get back up on that roof, You have 3 more years. (click here)

Marie Antoinette lost her head for suggesting a similar proposal. Why should America's Seniors lose theirs?

May 16, 2011 Update: What's that? Republicans are putting the Ryan plan on hold; couldn't expect it to pass the Senate, you say? Or maybe those angry seniors at those inconvenient Town-Hall meetings gave you an earfull. The only surprise here is that Republicans (yet again) got caught off guard.

May 16, Update: Republicans Bash Gingrich, FALL IN, YOU DAMNED REPUBLICANS.
May 18, Update: The best TV Ad since "does a piggie cry wee, wee, wee . . . " Paul Ryan pushing struggling granny in a wheel chair off a cliff. Funny AND dead on. Where is Richard Widmark when we need him?

May 22, Update: Newt Gingrich says he was taken out of context. Man up, Newt (if a man named Newt CAN man up). Stick by your convictions if you believe you're right.

May 23, Update: Oh. oh. Harry Reid says he will bring the Ryan Bill up for a vote in the Senate. I guess old Harry still knows a good issue when he sees it.

June 1, 2011 Update: Ole' Harry got Ryan's Plan before the Senate. The bill failed to pass - with four Republicans dissenting. 

July 8, 2011 Update: Today, President Obama officially departs from Democratic Party dogma - and sides with Republicans in screwing Seniors. He and Republican leaders will summit in the Cabinet Room (beer in hand, no doubt) this weekend to decide how much they will take out of 'entitlement' programs - Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid - in order to "cut" the deficit.
(May 8, 2012)

Today, I finally got around to calculating what my retirement "entitlement" would come to if I had been required to "invest" my Social Security payroll tax deductions into a private insurance company for the 50 years that I paid into the system.

FYI: About $100,000 (my payments and my employers payments - keeping in mind that I was the employer also for 25 of those years) was paid in.

At a paltry return of 3%, my monthly entitlement would come to $3,718.00. My present 'entitlement' is $1,860.00. My life expectancy is about 86 years, so in the 16 years I allegedly have left, the government is screwing me out of about $356,736.

Now Conservatives and Paul Ryan want to cut back on my entitlement. The politicians of both parties put the "full faith and credit" of the United States behind their retirement Ponzi Scheme, then spent our premiums on Social Programs to buy votes from those who did not contribute. 

If this scam were implemented by, say, Mutual of Omaha, it would earn the managers of that private fund a cell next to Bernie Madoff.

August 10, 2012

John Sawyer
Candidate for Lee
County Commissioner
Ft. Myers, Fl. 33912

Dear Mr. Sawyer:

Thank you for your letters over the years voicing your concerns about the effect the Paul Ryan tax plan will have on Veterans and Seniors in your area of SW Florida. We're sorry we have not replied sooner, but frankly we don't give a damn what you think.

In fact to punctuate our position further, we are going to announce tomorrow that Paul Ryan will be Mitt Romney's choice for running mate in November. So what do you think about that, Sawyer. Huh ? Huh ?

Sure, Paul has never held a job (except driving an Oscar Meyer Weiner truck in college); has a useless Political Science/Economics degree from a mediocre college in Ohio; has no concept of working with his hands (why else would he think we can all work beyond the age of 70?); and has absolutely no life experiences.

I mean, doesn't this sound a lot like Barack Obama? So cut the whining. He's our man now - and yours. 



P.S. We notice you haven't sent your contribution in this month. How can we sell this guy without money? If you wish to remain in good standing on the RNC, get 'er done.
(And other B.S.)

Sure we will. No, really, says Paul (I feel I can call him 'Paul' now).

But what about those under 55 who will have to fork out more for any future benefits? And who's to say you (and Bernie Madoff) won't steal their payments in the future (in fact what dummy believes you won't ?).

In this age of what's-in-it-for-me, like the people in  my gated Ft. Myers Community who voted for free golf carts (the loss of revenue to be borne by the minority of owners who are not golf members), is it every man for himself. 

Mr. Ryan - show some guts. Cut the Medicaid free-loaders and Insider Defense Contractors  off the public Dole, and leave us Seniors and Veterans alone. We have paid our way