(May 2, 2010)

A common denominator among Liberals is a penchant for ignorance. One wag commented last week on Fox that is a liberal knew what was going on, he wouldn’t be a liberal.

Some of my best friends over the years have been liberals. In frequent debates.

Liberalism is indefensible. When I started college in the early 60's we students all were liberals. 

(1) To quote Churchill "If you are young and not a liberal, you have no heart. If you are old and liberal, you have no brain." We 'cared', you see.

(2) Liberalism had not been given a try (at that time) in America, and egged on by a left-leaning (but, I must emphasize [then], patriotic) faculty, we believed, as do Ivy League professors of today, that Socialism really can work.

So, liberals passed the Great Society legislation that gave us Medicare, Medicaid, welfare, food stamps, HUD, etc. etc. Now, Medicare and Medicaid are bankrupt; welfare has tripled the rate of illigitimate births, poverty, and school dropouts among African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans; and HUD creates 'free' housing at a rate only exceeded by how fast beneficiaries can trash that 'free' housing.

So, let's review. In the Sixties, liberals were naive. Now they are just stupid. Hey ! ! Churchillsays so. Even the Soviet Union and the late Mao Tse Tung's China say so. Have you priced a condo in Vietnam or Nicaragua lately?

After 45 years of abject failure in this country, how can anyone defend Socialism today, and look you in the eye? Well. when was the last time you saw Barack Obama make a speech and look you in the eye. The answer is, they can't - he can't.

Why would anyone want to defend Socialism?

1. Liberals never will admit they were wrong (sort of like the rest of us, in fairness).

2. The Democratic Party's future is intertwined evermore with it's historical embracing of Socialism (I'm sorry, Progressivism).

So, how can liberals hope to continue to sell such an obvious failure?

By lying. So, the plight of African Americans is caused by White Racism. The decline in public education is caused by crowded classrooms and lowteacher pay. Most Americans are unhappy with their American Healthcare. Undocumented immigrants (illegals to the rest of us) contribute more than they take from our country. Americans overwhelmingly support abortion. 

Party first.

What if they gave a War?
By Charles Sullivan
June 25, 2006

09/18/06 "Information Clearing House" -- -- “What if they gave a war and no one came?” was a popular slogan during the Viet Nam war. It remains a timeless and powerful motto, and is as relevant as ever. It is still a mantra that evokes thought provoking responses and suggests some intriguing possibilities. What if those who serve in the military were fully aware of what their government requires them to do? What if they understood the underlying purpose of war and refused to participate? What if military recruiters were unable to feed the war machine with our sons and daughters? How could it continue?

It is no coincidence that those who make war never fight in them (My note: Hear that Ike?) It is the corporations that lobby for war because there are profits to be made; and profits to be kept. The politicians, of course, are owned by the corporations (My note: hear that Barney; Chris?) and do their biding (sic).

American citizens have never been involved in making decisions about going to war. Whether or not to wage war is one of the most momentous decisions a people could make; and they have no voice in the process. Half a million people can demonstrate in the streets but the war machine keeps turning. Does this meet a thinking person’s criteria for Democracy? (Is this ditz kidding?)

The people who fight them do not want war. Why would they? They have nothing to gain and everything to lose. War is the province of wealth and Plutocracy, not of the working people. It is not for us to ask why. It is for us to fight and to die. (Us?) But what if we refuse?

Let us be clear about some things pertaining to war: Those who send our children into battle do not care about them. It is politically expedient for them to pretend to care; but they do not. Soldiers are culled from the working class. (Is there even one thing accurate in this article?) They are disproportionately poor—many of them people of color (about 5%) In America, poor people are disposable; the rich are indispensable. Money and social status matters, but they should not.

(Did this dummy write this in 2006, or 1976?)

Witness how the government abandons its soldiers and their families when they come home in flag-draped coffins or over-sized cardboard boxes; when they return with missing limbs and with psychological scars so deep it would require lifetimes to heal them. See how it denies the effects of Agent Orange and Gulf War Syndrome; and depleted uranium munitions. See how it cuts veterans benefits. It does not care. 

The corporate media is an extension of the military industrial complex—a wing of the Pentagon and the corporate board room. It is a vital organ in a vast propaganda apparatus that is used to program the public mind; to deceive and to control the people—to ruthlessly exploit them for the Plutocracy. The war machine could not function without it. 

The people who send others to war are cowards and pathological liars. It does not require courage or moral authority to send other people to fight and to die. 

War is always about procuring wealth for those in power. It has nothing to do with noble causes. War is about two things: insensate greed and private ownership; and to a lesser degree—conquest. 

Our political leaders have no moral integrity. They are beholden to corporate entities, and they are enemies of the people. 

War is intimately related to class struggles. Labor history is a chronicle of this violent class conflict that is predatory in nature, with the rich preying upon the poor. When the government sends our soldiers to war it is a continuation of that struggle. 

We do not live in a Democracy. If we did the people would have a voice in matters as momentous as war. We must learn to recognize the difference between Democracy and Plutocracy. If we lived in a Democracy our votes would matter; there would be choices other than the evil of two lessers, and the will of the people would prevail. 

There is no aspect of corrupt government that is legitimate; no part that warrants our respect—none that deserves our cooperation. Let us see it for what it is—for what it has always been, and act accordingly.

It is said that government exists to serve the people. But in America it is now the other way round. 

The people struggling under the oppressive weight of a corrupt and immoral government do not owe that government their allegiance. Indeed, they must not cooperate with it in any way. They must oppose it with all their will and conscience, and do everything in their power to undermine it. They must expose it for the fraud it is and hold it accountable to the people. Sucking the life blood out of the working people is not public service—it is parasitism! 

Neither should the people pledge allegiance to the flag. Let them pledge their allegiance to truth and to one another in the great class struggle that has always characterized our nation. Without our cooperation there can be no war, no Plutocracy, and no empire. We must do away with the classes and recognize all people as equals. The wealth of our nation must be distributed equitably, rather than divided almost exclusively among the elite. 

No person of conscience should take up arms against his/her working brethren in other nations or at home. Those who choose to serve in the military should do so as non-violent conscientious objectors. They must refuse to be the instruments of corporate Plutocracy by serving humanity rather than empire. Soldiers must not allow their government to make them complicit in war crimes that they will carry with them the rest of their lives. No thinking person in any capacity should ever blindly carry out orders without consulting their conscience and weighing the evidence. Otherwise they are mere automatons and not sentient beings at all. 

The people must educate themselves in order to counter the powerful conscience altering propaganda that pervades our culture and shapes public opinion. They must 
learn history and empower themselves. Then it will be possible to connect the dots and see things as they really are with historical perspective.

We must think beyond geopolitical borders, beyond political parties; past the familiar labels of liberal and conservative. Working class conservatives and working class liberals alike are exploited by those in power. We must set aside the petty differences that keep us apart and seek common ground to defeat our common enemy—corporate Plutocracy. 

Finally, we must organize as a class across national borders and forge global solidarity with working class people everywhere. Perhaps, then, the next time they give a war no one will come. 

Charles Sullivan is a photographer and free lance writer residing in West Virginia. He welcomes your comments at 
April Fools' Day 2011​

What if they gave a war and nobody came.

Liberals, anti-war demonstrators, and everyone else who wouldn't dream of picking up a gun to defend freedom or their country, or their loved ones - FOR ANY REASON WHATESOEVER - quote the first line of this poem to justify their ? cowardice?

To the left is a typical comment I swiped from an internet blogsite. 283 people responded to this tripe; almost all agreeing with the author; NONE quoting the next lines of that very same oft-quoted poem:

What if they gave a war and nobody came?

Why then the war will come to you!
He who stays home when the fight begins
And lets another fight for his cause
Should take care:
He who does not take part
In the battle will share in the defeat.
Even avoiding battle will not avoid Battle,
since not to fight for your own cause really means
Fighting in behalf of your enemy's cause.

When you read tripe like the article written by Mr.Sullivan, you have to wonder what time warp he came from ? If that article was written in 1976, a lot of it would have made sense.

In 1976, the Democrats had already withdrawn its support of the Vietnamese military, and the murder of 3 million men, women, and children by the North Vietnamese and the Kmer Rouge in Cambodia, had already begun.

But this article was written in 2006. While I seriously doubt that Mr. Sullivan had ever served in the military, his ignorance could have been assuaged by some simple research. Googling the military governmental websites would have told him that a high percentage of the voluntary military was made up of college graduates or those who were earning means of getting through college via military service.

Second, some personal interviews with those in the military might have given him some insight into the patriotism of thos in the military. Some people, not to be confused with the likes of a Michael Moore, Steven Spielburg, Barack Obama, or Mr. Sullivan himself, actually believe that freedom AND the Capitalistic system are worth fighting for.

Finally, if he is too busy to be bothered researching his subject, he might even have noticed that in a plethora of videos emanating from Afghanistan , Iraq, and on numerous domestic military bases (except for the photo ops where President Obama's people stage the backdrops) that very few of the faces in the military crowds are those of people of color.

The all-voluntary Army no longer takes people with criminal records, those of lower intelligence, or anyone lacking a highschool diploma or G.E.D.

In think it's telling that in 2006, five years and one week after the attack of 9/11 that Mr. Sullivan avers that "No person of conscience should take up arms against his/her working brethern in other nations or at home."

Mr. Sullivan should know better. This guy sounds a whole lot like many of the appointees in the Obama Administration

If Mr. Sullivan had his way The War would come home to us.

I thought you should know.
Why are these people smiling?
Some people call it a Kaiser knife, 
I call it a slingblade . . .  um hmm.
Courtesy of Mike O'Donnell - A lefty with a sense of humor
(an oxymoron)

I can't wait for the next war movie to come out of Hollywood; especially the flick directed by some left-winger, starring some guy, some celluloid warrior, banded brother, who wouldn't dream of putting on a real military uniform to defend his family, country, or our freedom - but who can't wait to voice his disdain for America and its  real fighting men:

Those people below served their country: The bill of rights gives those above the opportunity to speak freely even to badmouth their country, while those below put on a real military uniform to preserve those rights.

By Jeff Seeber

This is a PARTIAL list of actors who suspended their careers to serve in the United States Armed Forces after America was attacked on December 7, 1941 ...

Eddie Albert - U.S. Navy ... Saw combat on Saipan and Tarawa. Earned the Bronze Star.

Gene Autry - U.S. Army Air Corps ... Flew cargo planes in China, Burma and India.

Humphrey Bogart - U.S. Navy ... Wounded in World War I, he tried to enlist after Pearl Harbor but was turned down because of his age.

Neville Brand - U.S. Army ... Wounded in action

Jackie Coogan - U.S. Army Air Corps ... Volunteered for hazardous duty with the 1st Air Commando Group

James Daly - U.S. Army and U.S. Navy

Sammy Davis, Jr. - U.S. Army ... Assigned to Special Services Command

Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. - U.S. Navy ... Served on a battleship and as a commando raider. Helped to organize the forerunners of today's Navy SEALs.

Henry Fonda - U.S. Navy ... Served aboard a destroyer in the Pacific. Earned a Bronze Star for Valor.

Glenn Ford - U.S. Marine Corps ... Earned a number of citations and awards for combat action. After the war, he transferred his commission to the U.S. Naval Reserve. 

Clark Gable - U.S. Army Air Corps ... Enlisted in 1942 at age 41. Volunteered for combat duty and flew missions over Germany. Earned the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Air Medal.

Charlton Heston - U.S. Army Air Corps ... B-25 gunner; saw action in the Pacific. 

William Holden - U.S. Army Air Corps ... Served 1942-1945. His brother, a U.S. Navy pilot, was killed in the Pacific in 1944.

Brian Keith - U.S. Marine Corps ... Saw combat on Rabal 

Werner Klemperer - U.S. Army ... Stationed in Hawaii as a Military Policeman, he auditioned for and was accepted into Maurice Evans' Special Services unit.

Nancy Kulp - U.S. Navy ... Served as a Navy WAVE 

Bert Lancaster - U.S. Army ... Served in Tunisia and Italy

Tim McCoy ... Served in both World War I and World War II

Ed McMahon - U.S. Marine Corps ... Became a fighter pilot in 1944. Recalled to active duty in 1952 for the Korean War and flew 85 combat missions.

Burgess Meredith - U.S. Army Air Corps

Glenn Miller - U.S. Army ... Assigned to the Army Specialist Corps. Convinced the Military that he could modernize the Army Band and improve the morale of the troops. Organized the Glenn Miller Army Air Force Band. His plane disappeared on 15 December 1944 over the English Channel.

Robert Montgomery - U.S. Navy ... Enlisted in the British Military before American joined the war and drove ambulances in Franc.e until the Dunkirk invasion. When America entered the war, he joined the U.S. Navy and served as a naval attache on British destroyers.

Wayne Morris - U.S. Navy ... Flew 57 combat missions in the Pacific. Shot down seven Japanese aircraft, becoming an "Ace". Credited with assisting the sinking of five Japanese warships.

Lee Powell - U.S. Marine Corps ... Saw action at Tarawa and Saipan before being killed in action in the Marianas. 

Tyrone Power - U.S. Marine Corps ... Enlisted immediately after Pearl Harbor. Flew wounded Marines from Iwo Jima and Okinawa. 

Gene Raymond ... Served in both World War II and Vietnam

Ronald Reagan - U.S. Army Air Corps ... Enlisted in the Army Reserve in 1937; commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant and was called to active duty in 1942. Because of a hearing loss, he was not allowed to fly, so he was assigned to make training films. 

John Russell - U.S. Marine Corps ... Wounded at Guadalcanal 

Robert Ryan - U.S. Marine Corps ... Served with the O.S.S. in Yugoslavia

Rod Serling - U.S. Army ... Severely wounded by shrapnel during the invasion of the Philippines

Jimmy Stewart - U.S. Army Air Corps ... Flew B-17 and B-24 combat missions, earning the Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal, France's Croix de Guerre and 7 Battle Stars. His son, 1st Lt. Ronald McLean, was killed in Vietnam in 1969.

Lewis Stone ... Served in the Spanish-American War, World War I and World War II

These actors attempted to serve but were turned down because of medical conditions ... Fred Astaire, Marlon Brando, Gary Cooper, Errol Flynn, Cary Grant, Bob Hope, Peter Lawford, Gregory Peck, George Raft, John Wayne and Richard Widmark


This is a COMPLETE list of actors who suspended their careers to enlist in the United States Armed Forces after America was attacked on September 11, 2001 ...


I couldn't find any.

Not one.





The Bill of Rights is a wonderful thing, especially if someone else is responsible for defending it. 


Four out of five foreign cars on U.S. roads are driven by liberals.

But they feel your pain.
(Feb 26, 2010)

Congratulations ! ! Progressives finally are getting their way. The bad, rich, old Americans who (as the progressives remind us, ad nauseum, comprise only 5% of the world's population but consume 25% of the worlds' energy, have now reached a permanent 10% unemployment - according to the Obama Administrations' reports last week.

10% Unemployment

Just like the chronic "unemployment" numbers enjoyed by the progressive European countries for whom American Progressives have shown so much admiration o'r these many decades. How did the Europeans achieve such success? Simple. They created a huge disincentive to work for its citizens, through welfare, subsidies, early retirement, long paid vacations, and a plethora of other government programs created to the result (if not outright intent) to make its people dependent on their government for their living, rather than the inconvenience of having to work things out for themselves - like those hard-working American dummies (freedom is overrated anyway, right Frenchy?).

Thus having sent millions of good manufacturing jobs overseas, we can rejoice in the fact that we can get cheap (foreign) goods from WalMart, even if 10% of our population cannot even afford to buy at WalMart. Besides we have progressives waiting to invent new programs (today, because all "entitlements" are  emergencies) like Obamacare, so, by gosh, some people never have to work, and 'the rich' can pay their way in life. Now add 10% truly needy laid-off workers to the 10% or so of slackers, who have sucked on the government teet for generations, and voila ! you have a built in 20% of the electorate who will not only vote progressive, but also will have plenty of time to put on a red t-shirt and campaign and vote for the progressives upon whom their living standards depend.

Is this a great country or what?

For more on this (click here)

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Pro-life activist James Pouillon was shot dead while protesting abortion in front of Owosso High School in Owosso, Michigan. The anti-abortion activist was murdered while protesting abortion.  Police arrested Harlan James Drake and charged him with both crimes. Drake was later convicted of two counts of first-degree murder, and was subsequently sentenced to two life sentences.