(OCTOBER 7, 2007)

Large marches and rallies; immigration lawyers; hired consultants; politicians bought and paid for; sympathetic media; liberal university forums; hey, nice try. I would do the same if I were in your shoes. 

You broke our laws and came here illegally. Now you have to go back. The key word is “NOW.” No country’s laws, most especially Mexico’s laws, permit people to just walk in. With the war on terror, and the proliferation of hard drugs, most from Mexico, the U.S. cannot afford to be any different.

“But wait, you say. Who will do the jobs that Americans won’t do?” Hmmmm, you have a point. After Hurricane Charley, many, many, of my customers told me that if not for the “illegals” fixing their roof, they would be drowning.

Not to worry. At 4.5% unemployment, and a huge segment of our aging “baby boomers” now retiring, outside labor is the only answer. Even with 10% (UPDATE) unemployment, it is no time for growers to raise wages, while still staying in business In a few weeks, I shall unveil (oooh, feel the excitement) my economic plan. This plan will bring the well-paying manufacturing jobs back to the U.S.A. I GUARANTEE IT.

So, here’s the deal: You have 90 days to leave the country. As you go, you can sign up with your employer, a private, approved contractor, or an authorized government agency (agents). When you return to your country, you or your agent can fill out the paperwork, get a background check, acquire an employment contract from your employer, get the proper Identification from OUR government, and return here and go to work. All legally.

This is what we call a Win, Win, Situation. America benefits from your work and services; remains safe from terrorists entering; and cuts down on drug smuggling. We can keep track of guest workers. Guest workers no longer have to live in fear of that knock on the door; can plan their future; can make a better deal with their employer (like benefits?). They can file a grievance against an employer, or just change jobs. Instead of abandoning your families, you can return home for a visit often, and call every night if you wish. You can bring your families here, and enroll your kids in school at your expense ( I recommend private schools).

Finally, when my economic plan goes into effect, we will need you more than ever. As American workers regain good manufacturing jobs, and those traditionally under represented in this booming economy move up in position, we soon  will need semi-skilled or skilled employees, not just as laborers to pick our crops and clean our homes, but as teachers, teachers’ aides, help for teachers who have aids, mechanics, security guards, health care workers, managers, etc. 

If you do not leave within the prescribed time, and you are apprehended, you will be fingerprinted and NEVER allowed to return. Return after that and you go to prison. Come here with drugs - twenty years. Come armed - life. Kill an American - death. President Sawyer asks all sides to work together to reform our immigration policy and make this work for EVERYONE.

In the meantime, we have a right to defend our borders. Put up a fence along the entire Southern Border. Put an electrified fence inside the first fence. Pursue anyone who attacks an American Citizen all the way to the Panama Canal if we have to.

(American Exceptionalism

June 3, 2010, Phil Gordon, Phoenix Mayor, is against the new Arizona Law. People are boycotting Arizona, says, he, and costing Arizona jobs. "Tourists don't want to vacation in a state where they might get pulled over and have their citizenship challenged.

I see. Tourists flock to Phoenix to witness, or even participate in, I suppose, the world's second-highest kidnapping capitol; to mingle with the record murderers, robbers and drug dealers in the illegal immigrant community.

Wow, I better hurry before all that fun is gone.

In fact, TWO YEARS AGO, Reba and I drove through Northern Arizona, and visited the Grand Canyon. But we had no intention of going to Southern Arizona - and it had nothing to do with the new Arizona law.

Mayor Gordon "hopes" that President Obama keeps his word about sending more assistance to Arizona. I would be happy if President Obama just enforces the laws and the Constitution for which he has taken an oath to uphold.

Party first, eh mayor?

Better update that resume, mayor.