April 20, 2011

Republican National Committee
310 First Street, SE
Washington, DC 20003

Re: Polls.

To Whom It May Concern:

The Democrats and the President are there for the plucking in 2012. Polls today show that 45% of voters would not vote for President Obama (vs. 28%). When that number hits 51%, there is no way you can win (ask Hillary). Nonetheless, in the same polls Obama beats all Republican candidates. 

Rationalize the statistics all you want - but there is no interest in the same tired candidates with their dearth of solutions to America’s problems. 

Finally, the Paul Ryan plan, behind which too many Republicans are aligning, if adopted as an official plank of our party in 2012, will absolutely lead to victory for Obama and the Democrats - I guarantee it.

A registered (Conservative)  Candidate for President in 2008, I’m running for higher office in 2012. As a long-time Republican I feel that the party at least owes me the time allow me some audience to present my case. My website is: sawyer2012.com. 

Thank you.


John W. Sawyer III

April 17, 2011

Republican National Committee
​310 First St., NE
Washington D.C. 20003


To Whom It May Concern:

If you think you know everything, don’t read further - just discard this letter, know-it-all. 


Did you ever notice that our (potential) candidates have one annoying habit common to all of their campaigns? They tell us how Democrats have screwed everything up (which is accurate) and they tell us what we “needta” do - as in “We “needta’ secure our borders;” we “needta” create jobs;” we “needta” cut spending.

But aren’t they telling us what we already know? Why aren’t they  illuminating us with their solutions to our problems? Is it because they have spent their entire careers getting elected, and little of their time governing? Or is it because when they actually come up with a solution, like the Ryan Reform Plan or increasing retirement age to 70 to “save” Social Security, their solutions are just too damn stupid? 

Never underestimate the National Republican Party’s ability to turn a certain victory into a resounding defeat. Our National “leaders” just handed the Democrats the 2012 election. Not only is the Paul Ryan proposal to privatize Medicare and Social Security a disaster, it is, whether the rest of us like it or not, setting the Republican agenda for the next election cycle - and that agenda will be a resounding failure.

If Paul Ryan or anyone else wants us to believe they are the smartest person in the room - they damn well better BE the smartest person in the room. 

I’m the smartest person in the room, and I would be only too glad to address Republican groups to explain where we just went wrong. 

Before it is too late.

Thanks for listening.


John W. Sawyer III

May 25, 2011

Reince Priebus
Republican National Committee
310 First St.
Washington, D.C. 

To Whom it May Concern:

Congratulations !! The Corwin defeat in the New York special election reinforced what I warned you would happen in my letter to the RNC on May 20th (see enclosed) - that the Paul Ryan Plan would cost you the 2012 Election. 

But you just keep sending Karl Rove and Charles Krauthammer over to Fox to tell everyone that the Republicans just need to explain it all to the American People and everything will be all right.

Well, it is not all right. The Ryan Plan is wrong and Senior Citizens (our staunchest supporters) DO NOT LIKE IT. There is a much better way to fix Medicare and Social Security - the Sawyer Plan.  Every Republican Presidential Candidate has endorsed the Ryan Plan. I think it will cost you Florida. I opposed it with specificity from DAY ONE on my website: SAWYER2012.COM.

I can bail you out of this stupidity, . Ignore me (again) at your peril.


John W. Sawyer III
Ft. Myers, Fl.

    LET THEM EAT CAKE ?!!   

April 17, 2011: Congressman Mick Mulvaney, (R) SC, just said on Fox (of course) that the Paul Ryan plan to cut spending by RAISING THE SOCIAL SECURITY RETIREMENT AGE TO 70, "will be remembered as one of the greatest achievements of the Republican Party." Abraham Lincoln is rolling over in his grave.

Maybe it will be an "achievement" but infamous would better describe it. Maybe you can lawyer, legislate, host a talk-show, or run daddy's business at 70,  but get ready you construction workers, plumbers, roofers, assembly line workers, salesmen.

What? You say, you worked and paid into the system all these years? Yup. And Paul Ryan, Nancy Pelosi, George Bush, and Al Gore spent it - THE SYSTEM IS BROKE. Now quit whining and get back up on that roof, You have 3 more years. (click here)

Marie Antoinette lost her head for suggesting a similar proposal. Why should America's Seniors lose theirs?

May 16, 2011 Update: What's that? Republicans are putting the Ryan plan on hold; couldn't expect it to pass the Senate, you say? Or maybe those angry seniors at those inconvenient Town-Hall meetings gave you an earfull. The only surprise here is that Republicans (yet again) got caught off guard.

May 16, Update: Republicans Bash Gingrich, FALL IN, YOU DAMNED REPUBLICANS.
May 18, Update: The best TV Ad since "does a piggie cry wee, wee, wee . . . " Paul Ryan pushing struggling granny in a wheel chair off a cliff. Funny AND dead on. Where is Richard Widmark when we need him?

May 22, Update: Newt Gingrich says he was taken out of context. Man up, Newt (if a man named Newt CAN man up). Stick by your convictions if you believe you're right.

May 23, Update: Oh. oh. Harry Reid says he will bring the Ryan Bill up for a vote in the Senate. I guess old Harry still knows a good issue when he sees it.

June 1, 2011 Update: Ole' Harry got Ryan's Plan before the Senate. The bill failed to pass - with four Republicans dissenting. 

July 8, 2011 Update: Today, President Obama officially departs from Democratic Party dogma - and sides with Republicans in screwing Seniors. He and Republican leaders will summit in the Cabinet Room (beer in hand, no doubt) this weekend to decide how much they will take out of 'entitlement' programs - Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid - in order to "cut" the deficit.
NOVEMBER 7, 2012


In fact Mr. Rubio, what the Republican Party needs to concentrate on is getting their heads out of their collective asses. I warned you. see below

WINNING AN ELECTION IS A CIRCUMSTANCE, NOT A QUALIFICATION . Paul Ryan graduated from a mediocre College; never held a job outside politics; has NO life experience.

​Yet his Medicare 'Voucher' plan is incomprehensible, and a Bernie Madoff scheme to cheat Seniors and Veterans out of the benefits they paid for in advance. Seniors don't like it, and I presciently warned that it would cost Republicans the Florida vote - and it did.

When I applied to be the Republican National Committee chair, raising donations apparently was the RNC's major concern. The current chair wasn't raising enough money, you see. I strongly suggested that if the Republicans wanted to raise more funds, they might consider governing in the best interests of the people, not in the best interests of the Republican Party.

Barack Obama's re-election yesterday bitterly proves my point.

UPDATE !  UPDATE ! December 19, 2015:

Now Congressman Paul (Work til you drop) Ryan is Speaker of the House. First order of business is to pass the democrat's record $3.1 Trillion budget

         CAN YOU SAY 
      CAVED ?
(New York Times - January 28, 2012)
       The Ryan Bill, passed by the U.S. House of Representatives (with only 4 Republicans voting against) but rejected by the Senate, will be brought up again this Spring, according to sponsor, Paul Ryan.


 . . . Steve Israel. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/01/28/us/politics/medicare-looms-over-congressional-races.html?_r=1&scp=1&sq=medicare%20seen%20as%20battleground&st=cse

So what used to be a Republican issue has now become the Democrats' top issue. 
(Why Paul Ryan and Obama Care Are Both Wrong)
(August 24, 2012)

    Medicare, as practiced by physicians and medical centers, follows a uniform progression of (unwritten) rules and methods to provide adequate medical care to the millions of Senior Citizens in the USA and Lee County. In a recent article in the Ft. Myers News-Press two experts on the subject opined on the (alleged) merits and caveats of the Paul Ryan plan and Obamacare. To read The articles and my rebuttal