February 1, 2010: The Majority Democratic Party tried to ram through Healthcare Reform, and Global Warming legislation. Neither of these stupid ideas could pass, even though Democrats had a 60% super majority in both houses, and a Democrat in the White House.

Republicans were locked out of meetings and never asked to contribute any ideas to these causes. Democrats wanted this legislation and they wanted all of the credit. 

Democrats lost. These bills are dead.

Or are they?

February 8, 2010: Now the President wants to get together with Republicans to try to salvage some semblance of a bill for Healthcare and Global Warming.



Feb. 12, 2010: Karl Rove advises Republicans to show up and take a hard line on their principles. I disagree. Here's the problem: 

(1) President Obama and the Democrats are not the least bit interest in Bipartisanship - they just want the American People to think they are interested. If they can persuade just a couple of gullible liberal Republicans (Think Maine) to compromise on some minor changes - like concessions for the Nelson Mob, and get their vote, the Healthcare bill passes. And the Democrats will forget all about bipartisonship and take all the credit.

(2) If Republicans show up and the meetings are closed to the public (and the Democrats will push for private), and Republicans assert all of their points - as they previously have in defeating the bill, this will happen: Democrats will assert that they tried bipartisan compromise, but the Republicans stubbornly refused to compromise, yada yada  yada.

Republicans will protest; the establishment media will dutifully report the Democratic position - end of bipartisanship - and it's all the Republicans fault. 


October 2, 2010 Update: Here we are, one month before the mid-term elections, and "We'll See" has come and gone. The Democrats didn't need any gullible Republicans to sail the Healthcare bill through the Senate Committes and a general vote. And the House (in case you didn't get the bulletin) HAVE PASSED A CAP-AND-TRADE BILL. If the Senate clings to a Democratic majority, we may well see passage of this atrocious bill, and a quick signing by President Obama who declared last week thet "We are now a green economy."

Is this guy dealing at all with reality? Where are those Green Jobs, about which he expounds? Right now they are in China. I have two questions for the clueless:

1. How are we going to compete with Chinese workers who make 50 cents an hour, in manufacturing of solar panels , etc.

2. In light of the stunning failure of (heavily subsidized, no less)  green technology and manufacturing in Spain, why on Earth does this administration believe that it can work in the United States. Are these children that stupid?



How come we were bombarded at the same hour of the same day by dozens of media types (Juan Williams, Margarette Carlson, Chris Matthews, Alan Coombs, etc., etc.) with the(ir) 'fact that George Bush lacked "Gravitas?" Yep, just out of the blue, people  not only were expounding, but applying a word they had never heard before, let alone knowing the meaning of, to a man who had run a business and a state.

Then along comes a man of hope, Barack Obama, who never ran a lemonade stand, let alone a state, and about gravitas, we hear NOTHING.


The same for Bin Laden. The press headlined almost daily Bushes failure to kill or capture Osama Bin Laden, but during the 13 months of the Obama reign - NOTHING.

Party (affiliation) first, getting elected second . . . . .

Oct. 2, 2010: And while I'm at it; the press complained incessantly about George Bush's swagger (I think it was morof a swish), but say nothing about the big-man-on-campus stride of President Obama.
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Liberalism (and thus the Democratic Party) has become a shelter for the disenfranchised, down-trodden, and disaffected, to give them not a means of obtaining the American dream but a means to collectively get even with those who have pursued the dream the American way - through freedom, hard work, etc. 

And The right and has now come together to (take back our country) in the name of American values freedom - whatever.

The problem is this: Democracy cannot work or function without the participation and agreement of a fairly large majority of ALL  of the citizens of that democratic society. Are the line drawn in the san  now so trench deep that we no linger can overcome our differences, even if the Republic depends on it?